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Zane has a unique flair for illustrating life, beauty, nature, feelings and fantasy through his 2D and 3D designs. He has invaluable experience in Print Design, Flash Graphics, Digital Video Editing, 3D World Building, Character Animation and Web Development. He spent his formative years studying at the Collège Guillaume Appolinaire, Paris, from where he acquired the skills for designing non-conformist promotional materials and creative instructional tools. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration as well in Economics. He also has a Professional Qualification in Marketing Management. 

Zane is also a capacity building specialist and a mentor with experience in creating and directing active and meaningful learning environments as well as implementing strategies and programs to help employees enhance their performance in their respective organizations. He established the firm, Alternatives for Development and Participatory Training (www.adapt.pk) in 1998. Since then he has formulated and conducted more than 1000 training activities for international and national organizations as well as worked on projects related to personal enrichment, leadership skills, legislative roles and parliamentary effectiveness, educational reform, and enhancing customer services under ADAPT. 

Zane is currently working on different capacity building projects with SDPD (Strengthening Democracy through Parliamentary Development), a project of United Nations Development Program.

As Instructional Design Specialist with the United States Agency for International Development – Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Project (USAID–PLSP), Zane developed 20 training modules - for the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) - responsive to the needs of parliamentarians and staff on such pertinent areas as parliamentary representation, law making, oversight, office management and interpersonal skills. He also assisted PLSP technical staff and resource persons to enhance training techniques to enable them to conduct active, engaging and meaningful training sessions for PIPS. He also designed the PIPS website and PIPS Youth Guide, Discover the Parliament of Pakistan.

Zane introduced the concept of trance graphics in digital art and launched the Certification Program, Certified Digital Media Integration Professional as Director Visual Communications and Training, Trance Digital Arts Center, Islamabad. Under his virtual studio, Trance Grafix, he produced Pakistan’s first 3D animated music video, “The World is a Beautiful Place”, for Indus TV. 

With a passion for teaching and training, Zane has taught over 3,000 students from the Preston University, Beaconhouse Informatics and Pakistan Community Development Council. As Senior Associate, Trust of Knowledge Generation (national NGO), he successfully implemented the capacity building initiative, Believing in Human Potential. Zane has trained more than 850 employees and 300 teachers / trainers from the private, development and public sectors. His training sessions are fun with an element of intrigue, leaving much to the imagination of the participants.  

He has authored several training guides and handbooks for facilitators, training process and recommendation reports, company profiles, newsletter stories, and research reports. From Next Generation Flash Interactives to Kaizen-minded Leaders, he has written research articles for the Newspaper, Dawn (Sci-tech World), and Internet Magazine, Spider.

In the fields of digital imaging and visual communications since 1998, Zane aspires to use his design skills to enhance and sustain the process of learning and sharing. Most of all, he strives to create impact through intelligent and distinctive creativity. Vibrant hues, haunting symbols, photo-realism, fluid transitions and a high degree of organic sensibility are key ingredients of his digital art.