Trance Grafix represents the work of a select group of individuals who strive to deviate from all conventional rules of design and style.

They seek to appeal to the public’s sense of reason, affection, intuition and desire, through their fresh, arty and above all nonconformist approach towards designing graphics for the television and other media.

The developers are proficient with the latest multimedia technologies, and have the experience to determine what technology is right for the clients. Their expertise can be summed up as follows:

1. 3D Graphic Design

2. Digital Media Integration

3. Multimedia Disc Design

4. Animated Productions (movie/program)

5. Digital video Editing

6. Photography & Videography

7. Music Composition

8. Shockwave Graphic Design

9. Instructional Design

Appealing to the 

public's sense of

reason, affection

and desire...